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Nr. 1 rated in Heidelberg by TRIPADVISOR's customers


highest possible rankinghighest possible ranking




traditional home cooking taste


haute cuisine



Traditional German local cuisine meets Mediterranean Delights


Best of both worlds


We are happy to bring you these culinary memories from many journeys on-board as crew of large yachts worldwide.


Your Chef, Nihada Hess-Sehic & Team





Spinach soup with smoked trout fillets                               8,70



Forest mushroom soup

under porcini mushroom foam with mini herb dumplings   9,80




Gamberetti „Amalfi“ 

wild-catched  with Avocado Dip and Bulgur Sald

with candied lemon peel, cherry tomatoes and spices   17,60




Salmon rolls "Aberdeen"

from Scotish Wild Salmon, filled with a mango and horseradish salsa

and cucumber-spaghetti                                                              16,90




“Gran Reserva di Serrano “

freshly cut here from the hind leg, and a salad of wild herbs

with honey-balsamic dressing and gratinated goat cheese       17,30








Salads & second course



Variation of fresh market salad cream / mustard dressing

with fried chicken breast filet strips                                                    15,90




"Casablanca" vinaigrette + honey

Rocca, dried tomatoes, pine nuts, dates,

Fruits and herbs, anchovy fillets, Parmesan                                      14,40




"Mediterraneo" vinaigrette

Mixed salad, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, wild herbs                       13,90




"Santorini"   vinaigrette     

Mixed salad, mini potatoes, fruits,

Wild caught shrimp, Smoked Salmon                                                   17,70




“Greek Ouzo Meze” Vainaigrette+Honey

Pepperono, Olives, Greek Salad, stuffed wine leaves,

grilled peppers, Tsatsiki and an Ouzo                                                  14,70



„German Gemütlichkeit"



"Bavarian pork roast"

with sauerkraut and dumplings                                                                    14,70




Steamed young bull breast

with boiled potatoes, horseradish sauce and a small salad                    15,70




Schnitzel “Vienna” steakhouse french fries, salad                                  12,90




“Hunter” Schnitzel, with a mushroom sauce

Pork or chicken, steakhouse french fries, salad                                        14,90




2 fried sausages (Thuringian style)

on sauerkraut and Steakhouse fries                                                              12,60




Crunchy pork knuckle

with dark beer sauce                                                                                       15,90

(with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes )    + € 3,00












Onion steak 10,58 oz /300g !   

from the Argentine Angus cattle with French fries and a salad           25,60






Peppersteak “Madagaskar”   10,58 oz /300g  !   

from the Argentine Angus cattle with fried potatoes and a salad         29,80










minced meat rolls with rice and ayvar sauce                                   12,90



Lamb peppers and onion skewers

with Steakhouse French fries                                                                16.90


Minced meat steak

with feta cheese and Steakhouse French fries                                    13,90










Greek Summer Cabbage Rolls

with lemon sauce , mashed potatoes                                                              16,70




Garides Saganaki 

Shrimp in feta tomato sauce, olives, baguette                                              15,90




Lamb liver "Marakesch"  

with fried onions and potato mash and leeks                                               18,80




Paidakia "Aphandou"  

the true Carrée from the New Zealand lamb on Burgunder-Jus

with green beans and Greek lime potatoes                                                   29,90














Catch of the Day :



Tagliatelle "Positano"   

on a creamy sherry sauce,

with smoked scottish wild salmon fillets,

Basil and cocktail tomatoes   




Filet of zander (pike-perch)

with cream and wild garlic sauce

with basmati-wild rice and salad plate  




Soupia Spanaki

Squid stuffed with spinach and shepherds cheese

& Lemon potatoes    




Gamberetti Sicilia

Wild catch prawns on a Sambucco Tabasco sauce, herb couscous and Mediterranean salad     






Fine chestnut nut roast 

with mashed potatoes and pepper vegetables                       16,90


Swabian cucumber vegetables 

on tagliatelle                                                                                 11,90


Swabian cheese noodles 

with fried onions                                                                           11,90




Greek  Jogurt with nuts and honey                                           4,90


Viennese apple strudel (convienience)

with Bourbon vanilla ice cream                                                   5.80


Mama´s Chocolate-cake    

with a dip of raspberry sauce and ice cream                             9,80


Hot raspberries with Vanilla-ice cream                                      4,90